Ava Bromberg worked to bring The Center for Urban Pedagogy's "City Without a Ghetto: Housing Systems" to Mess Hall. It was an exhibition that investigated the history of public housing in Chicago and New York. She organized several panels and presentations discussing issues impacting residents of public housing.

Ava also organized "Where?When? Why? A portrait of Vasan Sitthiket" by Swiss artist Liliane Zumkemi. This project consists of 155 enlarge polaroid prints of the fronts and backs of t-shirts in Vasan Sitthiket's collection. Each shirt comes from a political protest in Thailand. Some of the shirts were made by Vasan.






Mess Hall is an experimental cultural center located in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago.

In the Field works with six other persons to program workshops, exhibitions, meetings, a library filled with independent publications from all over, discussions on urban farming, ecology, land use and more.

Mess Hall

A calendar of activities at Mess Hall is located at: my.calendars.net/messhall.